For editors

The ICI Journals Master List database has been well-known among editors of scientific journals for more than 14 years. Now, we would like to present you its new version. We hope that, thanks to our improvements, this number will continue to increase.

ICI Journals Master List helps editors of scientific journals increase their reach and develop cooperation with the scientific world. The current and complete Journal Passport allows them to:

• present the journal to the scientific world in its broad sense;

• expand the circle of authors and reviewers;

• increase the number of citations thanks to the availability of the scientific content of the journal.

Periodicals that have a complete and full Journal Passport:

• regularly update information about the journal;

• submit an evaluation questionnaire of the journal every year;

• undergo an evaluation process every year;

• provide references for it's scientific contect.

Editors may use Editorial Panel, which is is a free version of ICI Publishers Panel and enables them to:

1. Manage information about the journal, and also ensure the topicality and completeness of the data presented.

2. Submit journal questionnaire for assessment in the database of ICI Journals Master List.

3. Enter up-to-date data on the reference list of published articles.

The website is a new, original solution of Index Copernicus International and it will be continuously developed and expanded. The website is targeted at individuals who participate in academic life. Therefore, we would like to continuously improve our service with your help. Should you notice any mistakes or have any comments regarding functionality of the website, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: suggestions@indexcopernicus.com.